There are no great homes without intelligent design. Intelligent design comes from experience: design experience; life experience; your experience. Intelligent design means understanding context. The context between space, structure, your needs and desires. Intelligent contextual design has purpose in every detail. Purposeful vision; purposeful direction; purposeful integrity.

Architectural, Interior, Landscape Design or Custom Homes, we can help you achieve your goal.

Architectural Design

Let Northern Design use their experience and understanding of context and purpose to intelligently design a custom home that fits you and your life better than any other.

Custom Home

It’s your new custom home

You worked hard on the right design, now you need it built in a way that is faithful to the spirit of your efforts and your standards.

There is no single reason why NorthernDesign is your best option for construction management and general contracting. It’s a rare combination of design and construction skills, expertise and a dedication to preserving the quality of your design while making financial sense.

Interior Design

How do you want your home to improve?

The answers hold the key to your interior design. When you understand and interpret those answers and combine them with your needs and wants, it reveals your interior design.

Intelligent, contextual design – The space and your place within it. Your interior design must improve your home and your enjoyment of it – and it should be an integral part of your home, as if it was always there.

Details – None too big; none too small

  • Purpose of the space
    How will it be used; traffic patterns; features.
  • It’s place within the home
    Interior and exterior sight lines; always maintain the integrity of the house
  • Materials
    Select from top quality options, finishes and accessories
  • Workmanship
    Skilled and specialized craftsman build each part of your custom interior