You have an opportunity to create a remarkable space. a place for life and living – the home you always dreamed. NorthernDesign works with you in a transparent relationship that puts you on the design team, to realize your dream, render it and build it in ways deserving of a great home.

We accomplish this with:

It’s needed to sustain NorthernDesign’s keen interest in every detail, adherence to superior standards, and commitment to fulfilling the vision you have for your new home.
Work with classically educated architects with international building design experience. Steeped and trained in superior construction techniques, they have the ability to infuse your lifestyle and personality into the design and construction of your home.
Building the home you dreamed, building it right, doesn’t just happen. It is a deliberate act. Someone must have the desire to build it right. Northern Design takes responsibility for everything we do for you, every aspect of the project and for ensuring your home is built right.

When you put together the skills learned in extensive education and certification as an architect and designer, the experience of over 15 years of designing homes, interiors and landscapes and the credibility earned through outstanding membership in leading construction and design associations, you have an unmatched formula for success.

Intelligent Design + Superior Construction Standards

It’s the way You would design and build your home.

“If something is wrong with my work, I take responsibility.I believe my work is a reflection of me, of my life. Unless it’s authentic, it means nothing.”

– Nadir Irani (NorthernDesign)

The NorthernDesign Difference

It’s a unique combination of international architectural qualifications, extensive construction experience, and the value-added services you need for the successful completion of your building project:


Experience & Safety

NorthernDesign has completed projects for major banks, subway stations, health centres, seniors’ residences, public housing. We takes responsibility for everything we do. It’s why we have to do it right.

You Are Protected

Fully insured designs and construction services that meet or exceed building codes.

On Schedule, On Budget

Effective, hands-on management of every detail, from concept to walk-through.